Workshop/development management systems

Effective manufacture management begins at the workshop/development level. The specialized automation systems for engineering activities help to optimize workshop production.

The use of such systems allows you to:

  •  quickly receive all the information necessary for decision-making and effective management of the production process;
  •  reduce labor costs and optimize staff through the introduction of unmanned technologies to reduce the negative effects of the «human factor»;
  • to carry out long continuous work, to improve the speed and rhythm of production;
  •  to warn of possible dangerous situations

The control system for the workshop of vessels of hydrothermal synthesis of crystals of high purity quartz

The workshop management system combines the management of ten plants for the production of synthetic crystalline quartz by the hydrothermal method.

Plant parameters

Temperature in the crystallization zone


Temperature in the supply area


Vessel pressure


Mass of crystals

till 3 kg

Number of crystals

till 300 pieces

Power consumption in growth mode

till 60 kW

Crystal growth cycle time

3-9 months

Automatic system

The workshop management system provides:

  • monitoring parameters for all autoclaves;
  • alarm signaling and blocking by the limits of parameter values;
  • archiving of current parameters for further analysis and improvement of the process;
  • the process of crystal growth and automatic mode for three types of programs;
  • generating statistical reports.

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