Plant for the growth of silicon carbide single crystals 4 or 6 inch diameter

The plant is designed for growing bulk silicon carbide single crystals by sublimation (LETI method). This plant can grow crystals from 4 to 6 inches. The sublimation method is based on the condensation of supersaturated vapor on a single crystal seed.

lant for the growth of silicon carbide single crystals 4 or 6 inch diameter was ade SPECTR

Width, mm 1800
Depth, mm 1540
Height, mm 2740
Maximum occupied area (including service area), m2 9

Electrical parameters



Maximum power source, kVA


Rated mains voltage, V


Nominal frequency, Hz


Number of power line phases


Power consumption during crystal growth, kW



Accuracy of power stabilization in the heating circuit, %


Heating method


Physical and mechanical parameters of silicon carbide crystals

Physical and mechanical parameters
Maximum operating temperature of the hot zone, °С 2350
The temperature accuracy of the hot zone, °С ± 1
Limit residual pressure of «cold» installation, Pa 2∙10-3
The maximum flow rate of the alloying gas (N2), l/h 0,9
Maximum inert gas flow rate (Ar), l/h 9 (360)
Gas flow control error, % 0,1
The range of operating speeds of the crucible during growth, mm/h 0,3 — 30
Crucible rotation speed, rpm 1-4
Consumption of cooling water at rated temperature furnaces, m3/h 6

Silicon carbide is one of the most promising materials for high-temperature, radiation-resistant, power and high-speed electronics, as it has unique physical and electronic properties. These properties include: wide forbidden zone (approximately three times more than silicon), high critical avalanche breakdown field (approximately 10 times more than silicon), high saturated electron drift velocity (2.5 times more than in silicon and gallium arsenide), high thermal stability, chemical inertness, etc.

The parameters of the obtained crystals and plates


4H, 6H

Polytype homogeneity, %


Diameter, mm


Thickness at the center point, mm

18 — 25

Conductivity type



nitrogen (N2)

Specific resistance, Ohm m

0.0001 – 0.01

Micropore density, sm-2

≤ 5

Dislocation density, sm-2

≤ 4∙103

Examples of obtained crystals and plates

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