Machine for enrichment of quartz concentrates

The machine is designed for obtaining high-purity fractions of silicon dioxide SiO2 purity up to 99,9995 %.
High-purity quartz is used for the production of materials and products for the micro-electronics industry.

Principle of machine work is based on processing quartz grit by steams of fluorosilicate acid H2SiF6, which coming from the evaporator (reactor with heaters), and on following vapor deposition and crystallization of pure fraction SiO2 on the cold surface.

Width, mm 2260
Depth, mm 1600
Height, mm 2400
Required space (including the service area), m2 4


Electrical parameters
Maximum power consumption, kVA 5
Rated mains voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50(60)
Number of phases of power line 2
Maximum voltage on the heater, V 20
Maximum allowable current on the heater, A 250


Parameters of obtained quartz

Purity of the obtained quartz grit, ppm 5
Dimensions of the obtained quartz grit, mcm 1-5
Plant performance, kg/day 10


Parameters of feed raw materials
Fraction composition, mcm 100-400
The content of impurities, ppm 200

Other equipment and control systems NPK Spectr LLC